Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I get any support from the institute in terms of themes ,plugins,and tools?2019-09-07T05:29:07+00:00

Yes. Students will get free digital marketing tools, hosting and WordPress themes & plugins from the institute.

Whom should I contact in case of any problem related to course in non-office hours?2019-09-07T05:37:01+00:00

You can reach the administration desk for any help regarding the course in non-office hours.

Who are our trainers and how are they hired ?2019-09-07T05:22:03+00:00

Our trainers are extremely qualified to possessing more than 5 to 10 years of experience working in this industry. They have qualified through our stringent selection process including shortlisting resume, profile screening, technical analysis, along with a training demo before we confirmed them as the certified trainers of Techxian.

What are the criteria to gain certified status?2019-09-07T05:17:06+00:00

A minimum of 75% marks and an attendance of 80% is mandatory to gain certified status.

Is there any need for hiring a professional For developing my website?2019-09-07T05:38:07+00:00

No. We will help you to develop your website by yourself.

In case i miss to attend and class,will you provide,backup classes?2019-07-23T05:38:52+00:00
Do you provide training materials with course ?2019-09-07T05:32:23+00:00

Yes. We offer training materials in the form of E-books/PDF to our students.

Do you Provide batch flexibility for working professionals ?2019-09-07T05:32:59+00:00

Yes. We provide flexible batch schedules for all students including working professionals and business owners as per their feasibility.

Do you have practical session on live projects?2019-09-07T05:39:49+00:00

Yes, we offer live projects across various core modules to students.

Before enrollment can I attend the demo class?2019-09-07T05:28:48+00:00

Yes, we provide 1 hr free demo class on Digital Marketing before your enrollment into the course.

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Geetanjali - Techxian Student

I was searching for a best practical based classroom training then after demo class with Techxian, I feel it is very good for me to learn digital marketing course. Currently, I’m taking training from there. The trainers there are very knowledgeable and helpful. Must recommend to all.

-Geetanjali Malhotra

(MBA Student - NDIM)

It has been going on a great learning experience here in Techxian Institute. The trainers are knowledgeable, friendly and very supportive. You learn each and every topic from basic to advance and the best part is you will get practical knowledge here. Highly Recommendable.

-Nitika Gupta

(Student - DU)

I would like to recommend Techxian to all who want to learn digital marketing in from basic to advance. Young digital marketing professional are the best mentor because they teach in the best possible way so that student can grab or learn this easily. Recommended to all who are searching for in-depth learning.


(Sales Manager)

I’m taking digital marketing classes from this Techxian Institute. My training is going really well and they provide proper attention to all the students. Trainers are very good and they are providing in-depth training. And this institute is so damn affordable, if you wanna learn from basic to advance.


(Student - DU)

I am a dance teacher and have interest in Digital Marketing to grow my dance academy business. Then after research & demo class, I joined Techxian where trainers are professionals and they provide Real Digital Marketing training. My business are growing now & I am very happy.

-Rashmi Chouhan

(Dance Teacher)
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