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Advance SEO Course in Delhi

In this fast-growing world, the need of SEO Professionals has taken up the pace and is crossing all the limits. With the scope in each and every field of business, everyone is understanding the need for digital marketing. Our Advance SEO course in Delhi trains student to compete with professional marketers and no less.




Advance SEO Training Institute in Delhi NCR

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most vital part of any digital marketing course that you pursue. Without the help of SEO, it isn’t possible for any marketer to get their website ranked in page 1. Therefore, Advance SEO course is one of the necessities that we need to understand, analyse and implement properly. At Techxian, things are just the way it is supposed to be. With the best SEO classes by our professional marketers, things for newbie changes completely and they start learning the essence of marketing in a broader manner, opening their mind and thus evaluating and understanding matters in a proper way.

                                                                                              Importance of SEO Training

Search Engine Optimization is something that was built along with the search engine Google. Without proper optimization, ranking one’s site is not possible today. However, things like Social media marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing and others have added up to the contribute in bringing the traffic but the essence will still be with SEO whenever it comes to on-page marketing tactics. One should learn how the google algorithm works to make the website available to the audience in the best way.
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If one is not firm with how the Google Algorithm works, all the tactics that help you get audience from other marketing platforms will be of no use because, it won’t end you up in the first page of Google. SEO classes at Techxian are designed in a proper format to make all the algorithms clear to you once you are done with the classes. However, there is this one thing will Google, they keep updating their algorithms on a regular basis which makes the job tough for the marketers as they have to update all the page according to the algorithm. But the hard work is worth it if at the end of the day all the efforts pays off. This is what Techxian is here for, with our seo classes and seo course, we make all those hard works pay off for all the candidates we have. Read Less


Our SEO Course Core Module

Training Mode: Online & Classroom

For the best of opportunities available to the students, we focus on providing both online and classroom classes for the seo course making it possible for all the students to attend it. However, if anyone fails to attend the class on that particular date then he/she can attend the backup class as per the prescribed schedule. All these adds up to a perfect course making it possible for the students to understand the matter carefully and perfectly.

Online Based Course

Available in PAN India & Outside of India.

Our Online Advance SEO Course is suitable for anyone who is looking to learn from Basic to Advance Level of Organic Marketing.

Course Highlights (Online)

  • Live Classes (Online) from anywhere.
  • Learn from Basic to Advance Level.
  • Total Duration: 1 Month
  • Complete SEO
  • Certifications Included
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Face 2 Face Classroom Course

Advance SEO Course

Our Premium Program in SEO is suitable for anyone looking to learn the A to Z of Search Engine Optimization.

Course Highlights (Classroom Based)

  • Weekends (Saturday & Sunday).
  • Total Duration: 1 Month.
  • Complete SEO
  • Learn from Basic to Advance Level.
  • Certifications Included.
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Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization Course In Delhi

Best SEO Institute in Delhi

No one wants to be in the second league when they have the talent and capability of being in the A-League. Delhi is one particular state where different institutes promise to offer different levels of digital marketing course at relevant prices. Participants however, forget the essence of their joining the course and lose their way to success. At Techxian, professional marketers tries to make the ambiance a bit formal at times which makes the course run easier for the students. Advance SEO training is no joke and everyone needs to be serious when they are investing their money in a particular field.

Techxian takes up the responsibility of treating all the students equal and making the best of the effort possible to get the perfect result out which is needed by the student. There are many institutes claiming them to be best SEO institute, however, none will be equivalent to what you get at Techxian. Providing SEO classes is not all that we focus on. We try to make the course the best combination of fun along with sincerity which is the best thing a student can have.

SEO Training for Beginners

For the new comers, it won’t be possible to over it along the line with the people who have already covered half of the seo course. Therefore, SEO training for the beginners will be separately conducted with proper acknowledgement of the fact that all the participants are beginning from zero. This is how we begin with the newbies at Techxian. Advance SEO course begins way too easy with the help of this process. The Advance SEO course in Delhi is available at SEO course Faridabad and SEO course Noida for maximum reach.

SEO Training for Professionals

There at times when people comes in with great knowledge of marketing and a part of digital marketing. In this case, we prefer to create a separate batch for them making it convenient for all of the participants in the house.  A separate batch for them creates an ambiance of professionalism and things work differently for them. With this, the beginners even doesn’t feel uncomfortable about it and neither does the professional do.

Industry Recognized Certifications

The best part of the course is where you receive well recognized certificates for the modules you learn. different certificate will be allocated to you based on your performance.

Why Choose Techxian for Search Engine Optimization Course in Delhi?

  • In-depth understanding of SEO
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Backup Classes and Batch Flexibility
  • Industry Live Projects
  • Industry Validated Certifications
  • Free SEO Tools worth Rs. 70,000/-
  • Paid/Free Internship Program*
  • 100% Placement Assistance




Some Of Our Group Clients

Why Choose Us for SEO training In Delhi

There’s a ton of reasons that we can mention on why to choose us for the advance SEO training in Delhi. However, we would like you to be wise enough and choose the best option you have.

SEO classes and SEO course is not all that we provide. We offer more than that. Starting with content marketing we go through Advance PPC with in depth knowledge of email and social media marketing which creates an ambiance for affiliate and ecommerce marketing which connects right with the mobile marketing strategies. SEO classes with all of these makes the best of the analysis come out of an individual. Moreover to it, our modules have been designed in such a manner where professional marketers become your friends and discuss your marketing ideas along with you. Because at Techxian, it isn’t about just optimization, it is about taking marketing to a different level which is way much necessary in the 21st Century.

Apart from all these, we provide a total of 10 different certificates for each module that you excel in which just adds up to your CV and make you stand out of the crowd while going for an interview.

Placement Assistance after SEO Training in Delhi

Job opportunities is one of the major issue that India is facing currently. With the lack of job opportunities every other person looks out for job placement in the country, however, only a few get the chance to be a part of some big company. With the help of groups correlated with Techxian, getting jobs at companies become easy. We have a client base of more than 100s of clients with some of the big companies like Khadims, Reliance, Lux, Raymonds, Levi’s and many others. We have similar courses available at our SEO Training classes in Noida and SEO courses in Faridabad. With this, people from Delhi NCR can also be a part of our journey and make themselves a part of the new era.

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Demo Class: Every Saturday & Sunday. Call/ WhatsApp: +91-9315681020 for timings.

Weekend Class Batch

Duration: ( 1 months )

Hours: ( 3 hours )

Saturday & Sunday

Fees: Rs.10,000 / only

Only Sunday Batch

Duration: (1 months)

Hours: ( 4 hours )

Sunday Only

Fees: Rs.10,000 / only

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FAQs About Advance SEO Course In Delhi NCR

What are the criteria to gain certified status?2019-09-07T05:17:06+00:00

A minimum of 75% marks and an attendance of 80% is mandatory to gain certified status.

Who are our trainers and how are they hired ?2019-09-07T05:22:03+00:00

Our trainers are extremely qualified to possessing more than 5 to 10 years of experience working in this industry. They have qualified through our stringent selection process including shortlisting resume, profile screening, technical analysis, along with a training demo before we confirmed them as the certified trainers of Techxian.

Before enrollment can I attend the demo class?2019-09-07T05:28:48+00:00

Yes, we provide 1 hr free demo class on Digital Marketing before your enrollment into the course.

Will I get any support from the institute in terms of themes ,plugins,and tools?2019-09-07T05:29:07+00:00

Yes. Students will get free digital marketing tools, hosting and WordPress themes & plugins from the institute.

Do you provide training materials with course ?2019-09-07T05:32:23+00:00

Yes. We offer training materials in the form of E-books/PDF to our students.

Do you Provide batch flexibility for working professionals ?2019-09-07T05:32:59+00:00

Yes. We provide flexible batch schedules for all students including working professionals and business owners as per their feasibility.

Whom should I contact in case of any problem related to course in non-office hours?2019-09-07T05:37:01+00:00

You can reach the administration desk for any help regarding the course in non-office hours.

Is there any need for hiring a professional For developing my website?2019-09-07T05:38:07+00:00

No. We will help you to develop your website by yourself.

Do you have practical session on live projects?2019-09-07T05:39:49+00:00

Yes, we offer live projects across various core modules to students.

In case i miss to attend and class,will you provide,backup classes?2019-07-23T05:38:52+00:00

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